Grass Raised, Grain Finished, Ethically Raised Beef

At Rafter H Custom Meats, our goal is to provide you the highest quality grass raised, grain finished, and ethically raised meat from our ranch to your table. Our meat is certified grass fed, grain finished and we do not use hormones or antibiotics on your meat.

Grass Fed and Grain Finished

Rafter H Custom Meats believes that the best meat comes from the best cattle raised on the range. We are fourth generation cattle ranchers who believe in the importance of ethically raised animals throughout all stages of their life. Starting with cows that produce the finest calves, our meat animals are selected to produce the highest quality end product. The Rafter H Custom Meat philosophy states that the best meat is raised naturally then grain finished, which is why all of our custom meat is raised on grass and finished on grain. We believe this process ensures the wonderful beef flavor and aroma shine through, along with providing the beautiful visual appeal of a great cut of beef. Our meat is finished for a minimum of 90 days to guarantee the taste, marbling, and tenderness expected with high quality meat.


The goal of Rafter H Custom Meats is to ensure that our customers get the same great meat that our family has been enjoying for generations. Starting with purposefully selected animals, the beef calves are raised and fed to a desired weight of 1200 pounds. Decades of experience have taught us that the perfect intersection of marbling, tenderness, and taste are achieved at this weight and size. Then, all of Rafter H meats are dry aged for a minimum of 21 days to ensure great flavor and tenderness.

The next steps brings YOU into the process.  Rather than selling individual cuts or predetermined cuts of meat like other producers might, we offer all cuts tailored to your preferences. We have partnered with a local processor to offer a whole, a half, or a quarter of beef that is USDA inspected and graded Choice or Prime, cut and packaged to your specifications. Typically a whole beef will yield 600 pounds of cut and vacuum sealed meat, a half beef equals 300 pounds, and a quarter 150 pounds.

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